Best Mexican Embroidery Supplies (2010)

Mario Ramos Mexican Imports

What?! You didn't know there was a such a thing as Mexican embroidery thread?! Okay, neither did we — 'til our friend Kathy "Crafty Chica" Cano-Murillo let slip that Mario Ramos is her favorite local Mexican craft store. We jumped in the car immediately. Mario Ramos himself is a doll, custom-making piñatas in the parking lot of his tiny shop. Inside there isn't much, to be honest, but we did find the promised selection of Mexican embroidery thread and other supplies. Turns out, this thread is thick and waxy, more like cord than thread, and it really pops on the fabric. The shop stocks a wide variety of colors, as well as pillowcases, placemats and other fabrics stamped with whimsical, Mexican-art inspired patterns. Loaded with a pile of the affordable wares, we're feeling crafty, indeed!


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