Best Place to Get a Spider-Man Piñata (2010)

Mundo Piñata

How can cardboard boxes, busted balloons, sticky and shredded pieces of newspaper, and brightly colored tissue paper jazz up a child's birthday party? When they're used to create a custom piñata, of course!Sure, you can go with the stock piñatas — donkeys or bears with stiff, outstretched arms — hanging from the rafters of your local Mexican market. But the artists — and they are artists — at Mundo Piñata are ready, willing, and more than able to bring to life your birthday boy or girl's favorite superhero, cartoon character, or Disney fantasy.If you give them a picture of, say, Peppa Pig or a classic princess, a racecar or an image of Spider-Man leaping through the air, they will make it happen.The tiny, neatly organized shop also has a few shelves of Mexican candy and trinkets that you can stuff into the artfully handcrafted piñata — just before the children take a stick and pummel the goodies right out of it.

Location Details

1714 N. 32nd St.
Phoenix AZ 85008


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