Sky Harbor's Terminal 1 shut down a long time ago, so technically Terminal 2 should be called Terminal 1, but they still call it Terminal 2. We don't know why. But we do know that Terminal 2 is number one in our book, and we've been known to spend extra on plane tickets to ensure flights in and out of there. When it was built in 1962 for a mere $2.7 million, Terminal 2 was lauded as one of the nation's most modern facilities. Even with a 2007 facelift, it doesn't look so high-tech today, but that's fine with us. What it lacks in fancy, Terminal 2 more than makes up for in simple convenience. It's a teeny-tiny terminal in comparison to Terminal 4, which means the lines are shorter, the hassles fewer. There's covered parking just a crosswalk away, and once inside you don't have to sprint across a moving sidewalk just to reach your gate. Makes us want to book a flight just thinking about it.

Location Details

3400 Sky Harbor Blvd.
Phoenix AZ 85034


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