Best Alter Ego (2010)

Ben Quayle (a.k.a. Brock Landers)

If you're the son of a certain former vice president — and may have some political ambitions of your own — and feel the need to spill your guts about your broken "moral compass," you're gonna need an alter ego. Otherwise, your "Dirty" ways could come back to haunt you in a very public way. And you don't want that. GOP congressional candidate Ben Quayle's alter ego, while ultimately not alter-ego-y enough to avoid being revealed, takes the cake. While writing for "The Dirty," Quayle penned articles under the name "Brock Landers" — a fictional porn star from the movie Boogie Nights. What better way for the son of a "family values" politician to throw any nemesis off his trail than to assume the identity of a fictional porn star. His true identity probably never would have been outed, either, if it weren't for a super villain with an alter ego of his own: the notorious "Nik Richie."


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