Best Anime Convention (2010)


Saboten-Con is entering just its third year, but this annual anime convention has already outdone its primary local competition, AniZona, which was canceled this year because of budgetary woes. From the looks and size of Saboten-Con, it's not suffering similar problems. This year's event drew about 300 people to the Hilton Phoenix East for a plethora of anime programming, including a Japanese fashion show, a costuming masquerade, and a "Maid Cafe" hosted by cute female cosplayers. Saboten-Con also hosts guests from the world of anime, including most recently voice actor Steve Blum (Spike in Cowboy Bebop and dozens of characters from Digimon) and artist Maura Aum, who's worked on such Tokyopop titles as Dark Moon Diaries and Silky Pink. But one of the best things about Saboten-Con is the people-watching — we just love to see ninjas with hot pink hair dancing with fuzzy bunnies.


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