Best Art in a Vending Machine (2010)

Spencer Hibert's Mini Miigii

Phoenix-based artist Spencer Hibert makes all kinds of art. He paints and sculpts; his latest creature is called Goo Goo Ghandi, and it looks like sort of a cross between the Incredible Hulk and a super-drippy, see-through candle. Cool. But our favorite Hibert creation is the Miigii, an opaque little plastic guy that comes with a set of stickers with which to customize him. Hibert makes 'em big, but he also made 'em super-small — small enough to fit in a vending machine. Make that thousands of vending machines around the world. You can buy a set of mini Miigiis on Hibert's website, but it's more fun to see if you can spot them in a vending machine at the grocery store. Happy hunting!


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