Best Backyard Cinema (2010)

Phoenix Independent, Foreign and Art House Film Club

This kind of thing could go either way: a couple of cinema nerds deciding to show artsy films in their Central Phoenix backyard with a screen and a projector. But this thing went the way of cool. Two guys named Krzysztof and John started this project humbly with a sheet tacked to the wall of a freestanding garage in the backyard of one of their humble homes, and now it's turned into a "waiting list only" monthly event. What looks like an ordinary, sparsely landscaped small backyard becomes a wonderland at night for these monthly double features. With three-tiered seating they built themselves, the large "side of a building"-size screen, and state-of-the-art projection equipment that rivals any movie theater's picture and sound system, the gentlemen share their love of art-house films with a growing list of fans. They snagged some chairs left over "from some municipal building." Overflow viewers can bring a chair or blanket, sit under the twinkle lights strung from trees, and watch curious and interesting films typically only found at festivals. All these fellas ask is a donation for their efforts and snacks/drinks to add to the shared concessions table. In the heat, they take a summer hiatus and transition to Madcap in Tempe, but in the fall they will be back up and rollin' the reels in the backyard again.


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