Best Costumed Event (2010)

The "Brides of March" pub crawl

Local social groups Arizona Costumed Revelers and the Arizona Cacophony Society love to dress up and drink, and what better way to celebrate nothing in particular than to wear bridal gowns and invade Mill Avenue on a Saturday afternoon? More than 30 "brides" participated in this pub crawl, which started at the entrance to Tempe Beach Park and worked its way down Mill, with drinking stops at places like Margarita Rocks and Gordon Biersch. They reportedly were refused service at Hooters, where management apparently had no idea how to handle a massive influx of drunken brides. Or it could have been the men wearing dresses and nothing underneath them — not exactly balcony-friendly fashion. Either way, the thirsty Brides of March would not be thwarted, so they finished their pub crawl near Mill and University. We can't wait to see what the "newlyweds" will do for an encore.


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