Best Costuming Group (2010)

Arizona Costumed Revelers

Simply put, the main goal of AZ Costumed Revelers is to dress up in wacky, elaborate outfits and party. Apparently, this is a ton of fun, as illustrated by the group's numbers. Since its founding in July 2009, the group has more than 157 registered members and has participated in more than 77 events. AZ Costumed Revelers love a good theme, too, and they've incorporated all kinds of costumes into their parties and pub crawls, from zombies and pirates to gladiators and showgirls. Some of their biggest events have included the "Epic Superheroes vs. Villains" battle at Tempe Beach Park, and the "Brides of March" pub crawl, in which participants (including men) donned bridal dresses and went bar-hopping along Mill Avenue. Currently, the group is gearing up for its steampunk-themed Wild Wild West Con in Tucson next year.


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