Established in 1977, the Scottsdale 6 Drive-In retains all the charm and romance of an old-school drive-in but has, thankfully, lost the bulky speaker boxes and replaced them with the drive-in's own FM radio frequency. The price of admission is cheap, too ($6.25 for adults — $4 on Tuesdays — and $1 for children ages 5 through 11), saving patrons big dollars compared to what's spent at a regular theater. The movies at Scottsdale 6 aren't your typical dollar movies that have been out for months, either — each night includes a double feature of new-release films.The real best-kept secret of the drive-in, though, is what it offers for families. We've seen folks pack up the kids and a picnic (you have to feed them at home anyway, right? Just pack it up and take it with you), a cooler full of kid and adult beverages, camp tables, even blow-up beds with kids in jammies in the truck bed. The kidlets can run around before and between flicks, and they won't bother anyone, while everyone sits out under the stars and experiences the grandiosity of that huge screen. Believe it or not, this location stays cool even in the summer heat at night.

Location Details

8101 E. McKellips Rd.
Scottsdale AZ 85256


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