Agree or disagree, it was time for Modified Arts to change. The building's exterior needed some serious TLC, the stage was one amplified band short of collapse, and the sewage smell seeping from the bathroom needed to be kicked to the curb. So when longtime owner Kimber Lanning handed the keys to Adam Murray and Kim Larkin, it was an artsy godsend, mostly because the husband-and-wife team really went to town on the space. In mid-December 2009, with the help of a handful of volunteers, they tore out the stage and green room and hauled mountains of yucky grime to the trash. Then, the two gave the space a new coat of paint, laid down beautiful wood floors, and slapped up a new sign outside. The result: a space that is way gorgeous, and that's not even counting the amazing artwork displayed on the walls during monthly exhibits.

Location Details

407 E. Roosevelt St.
Phoenix AZ 85004


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