Best Food Blog (2010)

Lunch Bucket Bento

With apologies to our own sweetheart, Chow Bella, our favorite food blogs are super-personal, penned by one obsessed foodie with no agenda beyond telling you what she or he is eating today. And that's why we've fallen for Lunch Bucket Bento. Lisa LeComte started her blog in 2007 with a simple concept: She packs her lunch, takes a picture and tells a story.But she doesn't pack just any old lunch. LeComte's into bento — a Japanese tradition of packing a single-portion meal in a box (hence the name bento box). Bento can be simple or elaborate, and LeComte's have run the gamut. We like that about her, too. She shares recipes and even holds an occasional contest, but we love her best for showing us what she packs every day, be it elaborate sushi or an artfully displayed hot dog. Makes us want to go packin' ourselves.


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