Best Political Kryptonite (2010)

Meghan McCain

Kryptonite doesn't necessarily have to be glowing and green to damage those vulnerable to its forces — kryptonite comes in many forms. U.S. Senator and former presidential hopeful John McCain's kryptonite is blonde, a little on the ditzy side, and has a pretty decent rack. McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain, is hell-bent on de-conservatizing the Republican Party — one gay marriage at a time. Before what was dubbed early on as the "fight of McCain's political life" — a conservative showdown with J.D. Hayworth — Meghan, a self-described "social liberal" boasted that her father was "coming along" when it came to his tolerance of gay marriage. Gasp! Weakened, but not dead, McCain fought on and defeated his interparty enemy, ensuring that the lesser of two evils will always prevail.


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