Last November, local promoter Charlie Levy hired Tucson artist Joe Pagac to paint murals advertising upcoming music and culture events on the west wall of eye lounge in downtown Phoenix. Ever since then, we've been making excuses to drive by the gallery. On First Fridays, you'll find Pagac on his ladder painting over last month's mural and creating a new masterpiece. His works aren't always gorgeous, but they're a hell of a lot better-looking than the bland stucco walls and amateur punk-ass tagging that you find elsewhere in Phoenix's urban core. In an ad for RJD2's show at The Rhythm Room, an adorable cartoon Nosferatu was depicted building a sandcastle with the help of his pet bats. The shading was gorgeous and the muted midnight blue and purple tones striking. Pagac's other funky murals have featured indie movie posters and caricatures of the band Sonic Youth. We look forward to seeing Pagac paint a new piece on the building each month, even though they're technically as commercial as a giant McDonald's billboard.

Location Details

419 E. Roosevelt St.
Phoenix AZ 85004


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