Best Street of Dreams (2010)

Sixth Street, between Roosevelt and Garfield

Those in the know around Roosevelt Row call Sixth Street "the new Fifth Street," and we see what they mean. It doesn't quite have the hustle of Fifth — not yet, anyway. But that might not be far in the offing. Butter Toast Boutique is a welcome presence, as is Rouse Salon. Artist Robert Zunigha's studio is on Sixth, and we hear there are other artists planning to land there soon, too. The Grow House at the south end of the street is a super idea, well executed. Our favorite Sixth Street story is the one about Margaret Gabaldon — stepmother of author Diana Gabaldon — who grew up on the block and bought her parents' house so she could stay there. If you haven't been to Sixth Street, take a pass next time you're on Roosevelt, and you'll see why we're kinda jealous.


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