Best Style Blog (2010)

SeeSaw Designs

Even if you can't afford their to-die-for letterpress invites and other lovely goods, you can still live in high style, because the ladies of Scottsdale's SeeSaw design are giving it away for free, so to speak, on their beautiful blog. Angela Hardison, Raquel Raney, and Lindsay Tingstrom share "daily inspiration" — basically, just design images cherry-picked by women with really, really good taste. The images aren't necessarily Arizona-based, but a potpourri from across the web — recent pickings came from the likes of Elle Interiors, HGTV, and Stylepark. Sometimes the SeeSaw-ers will feature picks from their etsy shop, also linked from the blog and a place to get deals on their best thrifting pickings. (Well, maybe not the best — sometimes they keep those for themselves, but trust us, there's still good stuff on there!)


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