Best Alternative to Sending Flowers (2010)

Fairytale Brownies

What girl doesn't love getting flowers for a special occasion? A girl with severe allergies. When our best friend told her new sweetie that roses send her into a sneezing fit, he begged us to find an allergen-free alternative that wouldn't break the bank. After a little mouth-on research, we found our answer: Fairytale Brownies. The store has adorable mini-brownies called "Sprites," offered by the dozen in flavors including chocolate chip, peanut butter, and caramel. We sampled every flavor and were hooked by the salty-sweet toffee crunch decorated with huge pieces of candy that look like amber stained glass. You can order a gift online or by phone and have it delivered to your sweetie. Or you can pick one up at Oakville Grocery, Duck & Decanter, or other local spots. (Call or check Fairytale's website for retail locations.)What did we discover from our little tasting adventure? Flowers die. Fruit spoils. But a chocolate brownie is forever — on your butt, anyway.

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4610 E. Cotton Center Blvd.
Phoenix AZ 85040


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