As more brick-and-mortar book retailers shut down around us, we take huge comfort in knowing that this homey bookshop continues to thrive. For decades now, Changing Hands has offered more than just great prices on new books and a vast array of rare and interesting used titles. This independent community bookstore has offered up workshops, writing seminars, book groups, poetry roundtables, and even tarot readings. The store's new-ish series of off-site events brings to town some of the best in literature; recent celebrity bookings have included Garrison Keillor and Stephenie Meyer. The friendly staff actually seems to want to talk to customers about books they've read and enjoyed, another rarity in the shrinking world of retail. But mostly, there are books: Neatly kept, well organized, and stacked to the rafters, they are proof that Changing Hands is here to stay.

Location Details

6428 S. McClintock Dr.
Tempe AZ 85283


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