Best Cab Company If You Wanna Get Dirty (2010)

Sunrise Cab

As our bank accounts can attest, a night out on the town is sometimes an expensive endeavor. Even with bar and club owners slashing drink prices and jazzing up their happy hours these days, cash always gets a little scarce by the end of the evening. While pragmatism would suggest perhaps cutting back on drinking (eff that) or even becoming more of a homebody (ditto), we've got a third option: an evening of lowbrow boozing at some of our city's sleaziest (and therefore cheapest) dive bars. To get there, we're calling this independently owned taxi service, as its drivers charge approximately 80 percent less than most of their more-corporate competitors ($2.50 for a flag drop, $1.50 per mile). And after crawling into one of its low-rent livery cabs, you'll see why. Sunrise's fleet consists of old Crown Vic cop cruisers and other surplus municipal sedans, each in varying degrees of defilement (some cars are relatively pristine; others look like the shit-heap you drove in high school). Everything's in working order, however, and drivers are both punctual and polite, even if they're seemingly all chain-smokers. Since you're probably getting home smelling like an ashtray anyway, it's all good.


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