We never knew there were such things as corn zippers and frosting pens — or that we needed them — until we stumbled on Shar's. The store carries full-size Bosch appliances, as well as food processors, blenders, cookware, and myriad kitchen gadgets, all at bargain prices. Our favorite finds include an adorable insulated lunch bag that looks like a purse and the Butter Bell, a handy ceramic crock that lets you safely keep butter unrefrigerated. They also have cheap ceramic discs that claim to prevent water from boiling over. Who knew? Unlike other kitchen supply stores that sell you a food processor and then kick you out the door with a chance of blending up watery tomato sauce instead of the salsa you intend to make, Shar's offers free (or super-cheap) weekly classes that incorporate various kitchen tools and techniques. No wonder the shop has lasted in the Valley for more than 20 years.

Location Details

1130 N. Gilbert Rd.
Gilbert AZ 85234


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