Best Place to Pimp Your Ride, Batman-Style (2010)

The Armored Group

A few years ago, an original Batman Forever Batmobile sold for $297,000 at auction. Problem is, it's just a movie prop. No bulletproof glass. No fancy toys. No armored panels. If your budding superhero self really wants to cruise in the safest possible ride, check out the Armored Group's selection of new and used vehicles. We love the ease with which you can score a Mercedes S550 with armor plating and killer Harman Kardon surround-sound system, a former check-cashing truck, or a CopperHead military transport vehicle, if you've got the dough. The Armored Group's largest customer base is SWAT units and cash transport businesses, but the company will build custom armored cars for private owners without asking pesky questions — so your secret identity can remain a secret.

Location Details

5221 N. Saddlerock Dr.
Phoenix AZ 85018


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