So, you're getting your dusty ride washed, buffed, and dried, and you've got 20 minutes to kill before it's ready. You look down at your feet and see that those funky old loafers of yours are sorely in need of a shine. There, in the waiting area, is your answer, and his name is Mr. Brice. The dude has been working on shoe leather for going on four decades, but he still treats every shoe and every customer as if they are precious commodities. A jazz aficionado from way back, he hums Louis Jordan or Charlie Parker riffs as he works, interspersing the tunes with his own view of the world — which includes a deeply spiritual side. His business card says that "our shoes are a reflection of our character." He's surely onto something, as we always feel awfully good about our "character" every time our shoes are blessed with that unparalleled Jacques shine.

Location Details

1954 E. Highland Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85016


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