Best Shopping on Grand Avenue (2010)

Kooky Krafts

Grand Avenue arty types can't get enough of Beatrice Moore's chenille wreaths and wildly colorful piñatas, so it's a good thing Moore has opened this zany art gallery/boutique/vintage craft supply shop in an old pharmacy. In addition to Moore's famously faboo Styrofoam wedding cakes, Kooky Krafts offers for sale work by other craft-centric local artists, all chosen by Moore herself. Bob Adams is offering a line of rubber dolls with real pubic hair; Tony Zahn, Moore's life partner for the past 20-plus years, is selling assemblage pieces made from vintage ceramic planters and chunks of colored cement. Artist Tom Cooper has created a number of brightly hued tikis made from toilet paper rolls. There are elf-face-studded wall hangings and macramé baby heads and sculptures made from old shopping carts and, well, everything kooky at this cool craft shop, including supplies to make your own.

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