Best Thrift Store for Square Dancing Costumes (2010)

Travel Thru Time

If you're getting your Annie Oakley costume ready for Halloween or just have a hankerin' to go do-si-do with your partner, mosey on down to Travel Thru Time, a cluttered little gem of a vintage shop in Phoenix's Encanto district. From tame to downright tacky, an assortment of square dance regalia that would outfit a high school cast of the musical Oklahoma! 10 times over can be found at this fun store. We're talking a huge rack stuffed full of ruffled gingham beauties and polka-dotted cuties that never dwindles, thanks to the shop owner's buying addiction. How much will one of these babies set you back? Prices vary according to style and craftsmanship. A well-used set printed with chili peppers costs about $40, while a checkered lime two-piece made for a championship dance goes for over a Benjamin. On our last visit, we even spotted a vintage skirt painted with little cowboys and frilly skirted square dancers in action — perhaps as a reminder that other people really do wear this shit.

Location Details

1343 W. Thomas Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85013


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