Best Place to Get Your Game On (2010)

Gamers' Inn

If you've ever wondered which magical rock fantasy-gaming addicts are hiding under, look no further than Gamers' Inn. The place is heaven for serious gamers, with 500-plus board games, dollar-an-hour multiplayer LAN stations, and a selection of Magic: The Gathering cards that would rival the One Ring in evil power if placed in the wrong hands. You know those crazy gamers that you hear about, the ones who pee in soda cans and skip sleep so they never have to put their joysticks down? Those people probably train here. Gamers' Inn is open 24/7 and provides everything you need to keep your multiplayer first-person shooter going all night. Don't have a dungeon master for your RPG? You'll find one here. Mom tired of hearing zombie groans when you play House of the Dead in her basement? Head to Gamers' Inn, where you can be alone with your infernal addiction. To survive among this crowd of serious gamers, you'd best come prepared with a killer deck of cards or a kick-ass Warhammer army, a rested mind, and lots of caffeine pills.

Location Details

1232 E. Southern Ave.
Mesa AZ 85204


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