Best Wide Receiver in the NFL (2010)

Arizona Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald

Because of his size, hands, speed, and leaping ability, Larry Fitzgerald is the best wide receiver in pro football today, and he could, before it's over for him, be the best in history. Of all the athletes in town, he's Superman at what he does. An exaggeration? He's got the records to prove it. Take a look at the Cardinals' run to the Super Bowl 2008, when he smashed the league's post-season receiving record with seven touchdown catches and 30 overall receptions for 544 yards. He's kept up a rabid regular-season pace for three seasons now, earning him three consecutive Pro Bowl selections. He reached 7,000 receiving yards for his career in week 15 of last season, surpassing Randy Moss as the youngest player ever to reach the milestone. He led the NFL in receptions last year for the second-straight year, the first player to do so since Terrell Owens in 2002-03. And he ain't Owens, which is a very good thing. Owens fizzled because of his 'tude. Receivers are dependent on quarterbacks like players at no other position, and Terrell's big-mouth complaining about his touches pissed off his benefactors and coaches. Fitzgerald, the consummate nice-guy team player, never will have such a fuck-you problem. But this brings up an interesting point this season: Can Fitz keep up the killer pace without future Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner? He'll be good, no matter what, but to be great at his position, new starting QB Derek Anderson must at least be good. We'll see.


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