There isn't a liquor license plastered on the wall at Afterlife in Scottsdale, which means there aren't any patrons getting plastered inside the club, either. Hence, owner Aron Mezo doesn't offer any primo bottle service, chic cocktails, or cheap-ass drink nights. While the lack of liquor sales definitely cuts into his bottom line every month, there are two upsides to the situation: The club can stay open long past last call, and — more importantly — the 18-and-up crowd beats its way to Afterlife's door. Barely legal boys and babes are in abundance at the after-hours dance hall, where the lack of booze doesn't equate to boredom. To wit: Step into the often-crowded Liquid Room and you'll see dancers covered in glow paint staging sultry shower shows while a blaring soundtrack of Top 40 cuts plays over the loudspeakers. Or step out onto the patio, where games of the casino and arcade variety are available. Upstairs in the Fire Room, a fiery red glow lights up the dirty dance moves of go-go girls, while the downstairs den offers hookahs, hit-spinning DJs, and an energy drink bar.

Location Details

4282 N. Drinkwater Blvd.
Scottsdale AZ 85251


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