It wouldn't be a rock 'n' roll show if someone wasn't carried out on a stretcher. Or if a handful of concertgoers didn't need to hold ice packs to their cheeks. The kind of show where people go home without a cut or five is an unsuccessful attempt at appearing to look rock 'n' roll. You might as well attend a Jonas Brothers concert. But The Black Lips really know how to beat the crap out of an audience member or two, or at least inspire other crowdlings to do it for them. Okay, violence probably wasn't their intent, but the crowd at The Rhythm Room on June 22 took it as a chance to get their mosh on. Hard. PBR-infused excitement mixed with pure, beachy, indie punk rock lends itself to chaos. The band took the stage, and by the end of the night, a sizable portion of the audience had, too. One so-totally-not-gay kiss between guitarist Ian Saint Pé and Cole Alexander inspired two questionably legal ladies to do the same in front of the crowd. So maybe they're not role models, but would you trust them to kick your punk ass if they were?

Location Details

1019 E. Indian School Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85014


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