Best Dubstep DJ (2011)


Nick Suddarth always looks pretty beat, but there's a very good reason for it. The local dubstep producer doesn't get much sleep these days, because he's always in demand. Whenever he isn't in his Surprise recording studio crafting face-melting tracks to post on his Facebook page, the 20-something is hella busy gearing up to jet off to club gigs all across the country. One week, he'll hit up cities on the West Coast, only to head off to the Deep South the next. Suffice it to say, Sluggo has been blowing up fiercely over the past two years, due in large part to the growing popularity of dubstep in the United States and the quality of his tracks. Suddarth's unique flavor of the bass-heavy, British-born genre is particularly dark, mixing heavy glitches and influences from two-step garage and jungle with brutal grinding rhythms. Sluggo's planning on keeping up his hectic schedule for as long as possible, especially since dubstep has been touted as the breakout dance music genre of 2011. Thank heavens for Red Bull.


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