Best Electronica Tribute Act (2011)

Daft Punk'd

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Ron Diep and Nathan Black send flowery love letters to Daft Punk every time they perform as a two-man tribute to the French electronica duo. And it's quite the tribute, to say the least. Each time the local act stages a gig (usually at such popular hipster affairs as Sticky Fingers and Cheap Thrills), those in attendance probably have to rub their eyes to make sure the real Daft Punk isn't in the house. That's because Diep and Black invested some serious cash in accurate copies of the costumes and masks used by their more famous doppelgangers. Even better, they've also built the same glowing pyramid-shaped podiums used by Daft Punk in concert. Oh, yeah, and they also do a damn good job of re-creating the band's up-tempo electro-funk sound, to boot. So until the day that the real Daft Punk visits the Valley (which hasn't happened yet), we'll be checking out Daft Punk'd instead.


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