Best Heavy Metal Tribute Act (2011)

The Rÿche

The Rÿche are hardcore about their dedication to the music of Queensrÿche. While many tribute acts aim to nail the superficial aspects of a band's career — the outfits, hairstyles, and mannerisms —The Rÿche keep their goal strictly music, expertly mimicking the sounds of Queensrÿche's biggest albums, The Warning, Rage for Order, and Operation: Mindcrime. Though the members of The Rÿche are fans of Queensrÿche's modern work, they focus on the band's early discography, simply because that's what fans want to see. The band is humble about its gig, but The Rÿche's earned props from the official camp of their source material; when Queensrÿche singer Geoff Tate stopped by Club Red to sell his Insania Wine, The Rÿche was the event's official band, and Tate enthusiastically endorsed the band on stage.


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