Best Local Band (2011)

Andrew Jackson Jihad

Things are looking pretty damn good for Arizona music. Bands like What Laura Says, The Summer Set, Kinch, and The Maine are making national waves, proving that the Valley of the Sun has a thriving music scene. So what makes Andrew Jackson Jihad, the folk-punk duo of Sean Bonnette and Ben Gallaty our best local band? Lines like "I wish I had a bullet big enough fucking kill the sun / I'm sick of songs about the summer / And I hate everyone" from "Hate, Rain on Me," from the group's excellent new album, Knife Man, ought to help prove the point. The record finds the group truly coming into its own, bolstered by big drums, punk rock electric guitars, and a twisted sense of melody and humor. Bonnette's strength as a lyricist has never been clearer; not only does he deliver laugh out loud couplets like the one mentioned above, but also he follows them up with deeply humane, sardonic ones like "I want to put on my sweat pants / You know I'm trying to quit / I want to give a shit again." The group's work ethic is tireless, cranking out EPs and records at a yearly clip, and the duo hasn't been afraid to hit the road. Want to know exactly how much of an impact the band has had on a national audience? Do a quick YouTube search for Andrew Jackson Jihad covers. The results — a bunch of earnest, heart-on-sleeve amateur performers — demonstrate how deeply the band's music has connected with kids all over the country.


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