Best Place to Play Drunken Jenga (2011)

Papago Brewing

You know the feeling. Everything's hazy. Your balance is shot. Standing up becomes an accomplishment. And yet something delicious and cold keeps passing over your lips and down your throat. You realize that it's beer. Your 12th beer, to be exact, but you can't concern yourself with that right now because a towering column of blocks threatens to topple at any moment. Think about it: You're tipsy and so is Jenga. If there is a better game to play with a dozen or so whooping drunkies, it probably involves a Nintendo Wii. Papago Brewing doesn't have a Wii, but it does have Jenga, several very high tables on which to play Jenga, and a mouth-watering selection of beer on tap and in frosty-cold bottles.

Location Details

7107 E. McDowell Rd.
Scottsdale AZ 85257


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