You have to hand it to the Q & Brew. In all its years (the hall opened in 1968 before moving to its current location in 1987), the joint has never catered to anyone other than pool-shooting folks, resisting the urge to get gentrified by hipsters or hepcats looking for the next "authentic" place to hang out. "The Q," as it's lovingly called around town, hosts league nights and $3 all-you-can-play tables starting at noon. It also features a killer smoking patio, where you can practice your best Paul Newman (in The Hustler) impression. Best of all, it features one of the coolest pinball machines in town, an original Williams Deluxe Baseball unit from 1957, for those times you feel like giving the cues a rest.

Location Details

3400 S. Mill Ave.
Tempe AZ 85282


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