Best Remixes (2011)

Death to the Throne

James Martin Nelson is hesitant to speak about his killer remixes of indie rock, electro-house, and dance music. A reclusive guy by nature, he generally shies away from both fame and the spotlight. He's one of the Valley's better DJs, but you'll probably never hear the humble 26-year-old, who performs as Death to the Throne, singing his own praises. Instead, you should leave that task up to the scribes of Rolling Stone or Vibe Magazine, both of which have labeled his work remixing artists like La Roux, Edward Sharpe, and Animal Collective as "epic" and "stellar." His fellow DJs also have a thing or two to say about Nelson. For instance, Benjamin Cutswell describes his talents as "extraordinary," among other superlatives. "Jimmy takes pop music tracks, gives them an added kick of energy, and makes them larger than life," Cutswell says. "They become infectious, dancier, and powerful." Nelson's latest coup, which he probably won't be boasting about, was winning the grand prize in a remix contest presented by Canadian indie pop act Metric. His electronica-laden reworking of the band's lo-fi song "Twilight Galaxy" earned his remix a spot on their next album, as well as $1,000 cash.


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