We really love The Sail Inn. It's got a great location, just off Mill. Oh, and friendly bouncers, stiff drinks, and, of course, great bands. Though the place skews a little hippie, between the indoor and outdoor stages they book just about everything other than death metal. There's plenty of parking, lots of little nooks to have a conversation, and it's easy to walk to other bars before or after the show. Also, they often have entertainment, like fire twirlers, in the parking lot. Does this sound like a long list of semi-related things that we like about the place? Well, umm, yeah, it sorta is. But it's the total package — did we mention the restrooms are pretty nice and they sometimes have vendors selling food at bigger weekend shows? — that makes The Sail Inn the best overall rock club in town. Wait 'til they book a band you really like and tell us you disagree.

Location Details

26 S. Farmer Ave.
Tempe AZ 85281


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