Best Swing Dance Night (2011)

Savoy Hop Cats

Nathan and Elizabeth Smalley grew up in the wrong decade. Though the 30-something couple's birthdates place them firmly within Generation X, one gets the sense that they shoulda been members of "The Greatest Generation" that lived in the 1940s. They both dig vintage threads from those days, consider Benny Goodman and Paul Whiteman some of their favorite musicians, and possess more swing dance moves than your average Fred Astaire Dance Studio instructor. They know how to do the Lindy, the Charleston, the East Coast Swing, and the jitterbug, and they impart their knowledge every Monday evening at the Ghost Lounge inside the vintage Hotel San Carlos, natch. Local rockabilly and swing bands like the Kings of Pleasure and the Heymakers provide the soundtrack during the weekly swing night, while the Smalleys provide the dance steps. Are you feeling fleet-footed, ace? Lessons begin at 6 p.m. Call 602-770-3184.

Editor's Note: This Best of award has been changed from its original version.


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