Elote translates to Mexican-style grilled corn on the cob, and it's where Gallo Blanco really delivers. Maybe not to your house, but definitely to your house. Gallo Blanco gussies an entire ear of sweet roasted corn with lime-infused mayonnaise that coats every kernel with a hint of citrus. The layer of mayo also acts as glue for a thin layer of dry, crumbly cotija cheese. A sprinkle of chili powder and a spritz of fresh lime finish off the perfect elote. Sweet, savory, spicy, rich, and tart all at once, Gallo Blanco's elote is something you won't regret trying, even if you will be picking corn kernels out of your teeth for the next hour.

Location Details

401 W. Clarendon Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85013


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