Best Neighborhood Mexican Restaurant, Downtown Phoenix (2011)

Tacos de Juarez

When do you find yourself downtown and hungry? First Friday. When you're cruising FF and it feels like one more gallery exhibit might make you scream, talk your crew into heading over to Seventh Street and Roosevelt to Tacos de Juarez. It's a bit off the beaten path in terms of First Friday foot traffic, so you won't encounter a crowd, and you can play off your hunger by saying you're just really into Lalo Cota's beautiful Mexican murals — two of which grace the exterior of Tacos de Juarez. Then while your friends are ogling the colorful murals, you can fortify yourself with street tacos, platters of carne, and burritos aplenty. Just be careful with the super-potent salsa verde, or you might kill some taste buds.

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Location Details

1017 N. Seventh St.
Phoenix AZ 85006


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