Best Place to Prepare for a Quinceañera (2011)

Azteca Wedding Plaza

Those in the business of selling gowns for quinceañeras — the coming-of-age celebrations for young Latinas — say the fiestas aren't as popular, or as traditional, as they once were. One of the waning traditions is the birthday girl's starting the night off with a pair of sneakers that are later removed by her father and replaced with high-heeled shoes to signify her transformation from niña to mujer. But at 15, the señoritas are not as concerned about welcoming womanhood as they are about finding the perfect dress, perfect shoes, and throwing a perfect party that will make them the envy of all their friends. And there is no better place to prepare for a quinceañera than Azteca Wedding Plaza, a store packed with rows and rows of everything from extravagant gowns — think pink Cinderella dress with ruffled layers — to simple but sleek dresses. It also carries all the necessary accessories — earrings, veils, tiaras, and crowns — for the little princesa's special day.

Location Details

1010 E. Washington St.
Phoenix AZ 85034


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