Best Pain in the Ass to Local Politicians (2011)

Carlos Galindo

Does anyone like Carlos Galindo? Well, he is happily married. And the sometimes abrasive talk-radio host can boast a loyal listenership for his various radio shows for different outlets. But he doesn't play well with the other immigrant activists in town. And he likes to pick verbal fights with those on the right and the left, even though he often refers to himself as an "unapologetic liberal."All the same, Galindo is like a portly, Latino version of Batman. When something's going down in the community, the dude is there. He might be protesting a lefty like Democratic state Senator Kyrsten Sinema, dogging racist legislators like wingnut state Senator Lori Klein, or harassing police officers going to a benefit for killer cop Richard Chrisman over at the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association's offices. We've seen Galindo confront racists, cops, tea baggers, other members of the news media, and prejudiced state Senate President Russell Pearce, who once shoved him after Galindo got his goat. Perfect, he ain't. But sometimes you need a streetfighter like Galindo to take on the bullies and cowards who pollute our public life. And if he pisses off folks as a consequence, for Galindo, that's the price of doing business.


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