Best Boutique Thrift Store (2011)

Flo's on Seventh

Why can't every thrift store in town be like Flo's? We have to keep reminding ourselves, when we shop here, that we're in a second-hand shop — because the merchandise is all so upscale and everything is so neatly displayed and organized. But the prices remind us, every time. Fine china for a fraction of what you'd pay new (or at any local antique shop, for that matter); flatware and window treatments and throw rugs — and all of it either new or new-ish. Vast racks of like-new clothing, all of it laundered and pressed and looking and smelling as good as new. And while we'd never accuse Flo of swiping anything, we wonder where all those rows of brand new shoes (men's and women's!) came from — all priced at a steal!

Location Details

4116 N. Seventh Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85013


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