We originally dropped in to this family-owned and -operated pet supply store because we'd heard about the pair of orange tabbies who live there and like to be petted by customers. We love a good store cat, and so we popped by to say hello to Chong and Quincy — both of whom were fast asleep when we arrived, and wouldn't be roused no matter who was shopping. And shop we did — because we were so wowed by the array of healthy foods and treats and toys for Fluffy and Fido back home. Brothers Steve and Rich have created a unique place for pets and pet lovers alike to browse for animal-friendly stuff. The "Wash" in the title refers to pet grooming and bathing, and it's done in specially designed washtubs designed by a local metal artist. After dropping Spot off for a quick shampoo, stop by the Wag's all-natural pet biscuit bakery, where dog and cat treats are made with all-natural ingredients. Shelves nearby are stocked with the best organic and raw pet foods so that, whether he likes it or not, your pup can get healthy, starting today.Readers' Choice:

Location Details

4230 N. Seventh Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85013


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