Best Place to Buy Vintage Craft Supplies (2011)

Kooky Krafts

If you never made it to Diane Ribbon and Notion, you have our condolences. Truly, the place was life-altering, if you have an affinity for nostalgia or a need for art supplies. If you like vintage crafts, well, like we said, we're sorry. The giant old warehouse was stuck in the '70s (in a good way), supplying everything from doll heads to pom-poms and a lot in between. Like many old-school art supply stores, it closed a few years ago.Enter Beatrice Moore. Literally. With a truck. The Grand Avenue-based artist and businesswoman bought an obscene amount of Diane's inventory and drove it over to her studio, where she hoarded some of it and packed the rest up to sell in her store Kooky Krafts. Behold: It's the plastic clown head you've been looking for! The fake birds you never knew you needed. The vintage bump chenille that Moore will explain is just about impossible to find. Get inspiration from her fake cakes and colorful wreaths, as well as the art of other locals on display. And walk out with your fair share of vintage craft supplies — who knows when you'll need them?!

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