Best Place to Find an Underground Bike Race (2011)

AZ Fixed

For most folks, an alley cat is that annoying feline that roots through your garbage and causes endless caterwauling at all hours of the night. For local cyclists or riders of fixed-gear two-wheelers, however, alley cats are under-the-radar urban bike races that are ultra-competitive and ultra-fun. Best described as a cycling scavenger hunt, alley cat races feature riders zipping around a certain area of the Valley as fast as their muscular legs can carry them in between various checkpoints. These events usually feature a theme, as well as pimp after-parties, where the winners are toasted and the losers get roasted. Due to their quasi-legal and DIY nature, alley cats are announced on the down-low. In fact, the only way you can find out about the next race is by checking out local cycling message board AZ Fixed. Populated by local cyclists and fixed-gear aficionados, the site is also a place to learn of more subdued jaunts like a weekly ride by the Tempe Bicycle Action Group or the Critical Mass excursion on the final Friday of every month. As one AZ Fixed user by the name of Zap states, the site's raison d'être is simple: "It's all about having a good ol' time on your bike."


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