Best Place to Swim If You're Training for a Triathlon (2011)

McDowell Mountain Ranch Park and Aquatic Center

The way we figure it, the water in the small lap pool at our local gym must comprise at least 10 percent sweat. It looks relatively clean and gets the job done — our arms feel like strands of linguine after 70 laps. But who knows what's in that water? And don't get us started on Tempe Town Lake. In our quest to someday complete a triathlon, we love to work out at the eight-lane outdoor pool at the McDowell Mountain Ranch Park Aquatic Center. Every time we've been there, the pool clearly (get it?) has been sparkling clean and has an upscale sheen our crappy gym lacks. The view of the McDowell Mountains is stellar, and it's located near one of our favorite long bike rides, up the Beeline Highway to Bush Highway, making it a convenient place to cross-train. If we could just manage to add a run on top of one of those marathon workouts, we'd be ready for the big league.

Location Details

15525 N. Thompson Peak Parkway
Scottsdale AZ 85260


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