Best Stoic in Local Sports (2011)

Ken Whisenhunt, Arizona Cardinals head coach

What's he thinking? What does he mean when he says that? What was "that look" about? Is he smiling? Is he frowning? Inscrutable is what Cardinals Coach Ken Whisenhunt is. He's a guy who wouldn't need to wear a hat and sunglasses to be a poker champion. Coach, why even hold the clipboard in front of your face when you change a play from the sidelines? When your lips are moving, we can barely tell that your lips are moving. The former offensive coordinator of the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers led the Cardinals to an improbable Super Bowl berth in 2008 (they had the game won until a Steelers receiver made a toe-dragging catch falling out of bounds in the end zone to seal the deal for his team, 27-23). Whisenhunt had pushed his team away from its perennial losing ways that season. The Cardinals' NFC West championship was the team's first division title since 1975, when they were the St. Louis Cardinals. One of the best times of our life was watching the Cardinals beat the mighty Philadelphia Eagles to win the NFC championship that season. The Whiz then pushed his team to a 10-6 record the next year before losing in the second round of the NFC playoffs to the eventual Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints. Whiz, what happened last year? Sure, Kurt Warner retired, and you didn't have a viable quarterback, but couldn't you have pulled enough of your patented trick plays out of your red cap to win a few more than five games? Whiz, are your lips moving?


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