Best Place to See a Comedy Show (2012)

Stand Up Live

Roastmaster supreme Jeffery Ross made fun of Arizona for four nights straight, which — admittedly — isn't too tough a task, given the backward-ass nature of our fair state. Meanwhile, Jackass star Steve-O is rumored to have stapled his scrotum to his leg during his visit, the motormouthed Pablo Francisco did shots with the audience and unleashed dozens of hilarious impressions, and infamous vulgarian Dave Attell spun disgustingly humorous yarns about his love of pornography. Yup, a multitude of memorable, mirthful, and madcap moments have taken place inside Stand Up Live since the snazzy-looking comedy club opened at CityScape in downtown Phoenix more than a year ago. A virtual "who's who" of comics has graced the stage at the upscale laugh den — which features such posh amenities as a copper fire pit and stone waterfall — including countless cutups who have appeared on Comedy Central programming or worked the late-night chat circuit. Besides appearances by homegrown yukster David Spade, Stand Up Live has been visited by former Saturday Night Live cast members Jay Mohr and Jim Breuer, as well as Drew Carey, 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan, and Brian Posehn of Mr. Show fame. A variety of up-and-coming local comedians are also showcased throughout the month, and thanks to the club's high-tech sound system, you can practically hear the flop sweat dripping off their brows after a bad joke bombs.

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Location Details

50 W. Jefferson St.
Phoenix AZ 85003


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