Best Shock Jock (2012)

Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz deals in volts and watts. The local artist and electricity aficionado creates large-scale installations and hosts experimental performance pieces, of sorts, with found and donated electrical equipment and high-voltage results. He was once a bigwig overseas, where he installed large-scale pieces in Germany, but nowadays, you can find him tinkering around and testing sockets at the Icehouse in downtown's Warehouse District, where he hopes to open the city's first electricity-themed bar. Countless elements of Shocklick Lounge will rely on electricity, Schwartz says, while testing shock-sending benches and pulling bottles along long conveyer belts. Schwartz has hosted a few late-night parties there, but the space is far from finished — he says he still has a lot of experiments to run and equipment to move around. Shocking.


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