Best Brain Food (2012)

Servery at Barrett, the Honors College, Arizona State University

College campuses tend to be a wasteland of fast food and sub-par dining options, but Arizona State understands that to keep its brightest brains burning, the usual stuff just isn't enough. That's the only reasonable explanation for the dining hall at Barrett, the Honors College on the Tempe campus where students can fuel their noggins with steak, sushi, gelato, and more. Barrett Dean Marc Jacobs wanted the refectory — a 20,000 square foot dining hall that looks like a set from Harry Potter — to be modeled after the dining options of the British University system. The "eating environment" features a daily menu of upscale food items, from you-pick-the-ingredients stir-fry to wood-fired pizza and even the occasional shrimp and lobster splurge. With grub like this at an all-you-can-eat facility, the Freshman 15 might be well worth it. And you can try it, too. The dining hall is open to all ASU students (who have to pay an additional fee if they are on the typical student meal plan) and the public. Breakfast is $8.75, lunch is $10.75, and dinner $12.75.


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